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Labour of love...

Two unusually and very finely decorated telsum amulets. Please note the side decoration of the triangular shaped amulet. I have never seen this style before. Both tells seem to have gilded.
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  • Now I am jealous! What treasures and definately would have taken a long time to make. I wonder if the decorative fronts were made in one long panel and then cut up and applied to the telsum?

  • Good question, Charlotte. These are lovely Betty. You seem to have an inexhaustible source of telsums :)) So much variety.

  • Thank you ladies.

    Yes, Charlotte, I believe that's exactly the way it was done. The variety of telsum designs also continues to amaze me. I have a friend who regularly travels to Ethiopia and always picks up some of these small amulets. 

  • Betty, these are really beauties. fantaastic must feel great,soft and warm. and No @Charlotte, they are all made individual. GR. Ingrid.

  • Yes, they are beautifully worn and wonderful to touch.

    I still think Charlotte maybe right with the panels. It's incredible work all the same...

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