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A missing stone or bead

A rather large telsum which seems to have ben adorned with a stone or bead which is rather unusual.
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  • This is a nice little thing.

    Could be that it is rather a very worn filgreed dome?

  • All is possible, Alaa. The rather thick edge around the hole supports your theory.

    But telsum with a filigree dome are also something that rather unsusal - at least I can't remember having seen one so far. Maybe Ingrid can enlighten us....

  • Hi Betty and @ Alaa, Like Alaa it crossed my mind that it is a rubbed down dome which like Betty said are also rare.  I placed one photo with a dome ,one of the very few with a dome. Your telsum does look very old and the silver  file grain so worn down and taking that in consideration it is most pebable that it was a dome and worn down (stone setting has a more sharp edge or teeth).  It is a lovely piece, look also at the bail how warmly that has been smoothed.  A very individual piece with lots of years on it would place it in at least 1880. Gr. Ingrid.

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