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Lot 10. A Konyak Necklace . Nagaland

Estimate £1100 - £1500


Naga necklace : Konyak

Brown, blue, yellow, green venetian glass trade beads.

Brass bells.

Bone spacers.

Woven ends, finished with an old indian coin.

Probably a child's necklace.


9.8oz =  278gm


Purchased from Genevieve d

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Lot 9 . Omani Temporals




A pair of Antique high silver Omani Temporals

With typical Mulberry finials and soft worn silver elements

These would have been worn suspended either side of the head on cords or silver chains


Circa 1930

8.5 cm long




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Lot 8 . An Omani Necklace


£600 - £800

An Inscribed Omani Silver Disk Necklace (Kirsh Kitab) Engraved with a Djinn and koranic scripts

Silver with red glass beads

This is a vintage piece

High silver 850+

Disc is 9.7 cm long

60 cm of chain

9.8 cm digg bar




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Lot 6. Naga necklace : Konyak, Wackching tribe

Estimate £1100-£1400


Naga necklace : Konyak, Wackching tribe

Blue, green, clear, brown venetian glass trade beads.

Brass bells, brass spacers, brass coils.

Necklace is finished with two large cut conch shell with poker work decoration. Typically sh

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Lot 5. A small collection of Fulani Earrings

Estimate £60 – 120


A collection of Antique Fulani Earrings / Hairrings.

These rings can be worn through the ears or in the hair by Fulani/Peul women of West Africa 

25 pieces

Some are pairs, others are singles.

These are spiralling works of jewelma

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Lot 4. Yemeni necklace

Estimate £100 - £150


A vintage Yemeni necklace in 600 parts silver

With blue glass beads

These are mixed age restrung elements

55 cm of beads with 12 cm long pendant


Starting Price £40

Bid increment £5


UK £10

Europe £21

USA and Canad

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Lot 3 . Indian belt

Estimate £380-£500

Very Flexy, Super Sexy Vintage Silver Belt From India. 

We date this to the mid/late 20th century.

Very high silver content (>85%) and the same fine craftsmanship seen on older examples. The center screw went missing at some point

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Lot 2 . Naga Necklace

Estimate £800 - £1100


Naga necklace : Konyak, Angami tribe

Orange, blue, yellow, teak, venetian glass trade beads.

Elongated carnelian beads.

Brass bells.

Bone spacers.

Shell tubular beads.

Necklace is finished with a cut conch shell

Wear marks com

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Lot 1 . Konyak belt, Nagaland.

Estimate £1200 - £1600


Naga belt : Konyak

Brown, orange, white, blue venetian glass trade beads.

Some brass beads.

Beautiful fine bone spacers.

Belt is finished with a cut conch shell.

Wear marks commensurate with late colonial age to early-mid 20t

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