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Supersize me...

...this is the largest Ethiopian telsum I have ever found.With beautiful and unusual silver filigree work and some cute copper dangles (most likely added later). I especially love the flower at the center.
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  • Beautiful work especially the fancy and delicate work of the filigree which gives the piece all the attraction. Very good piece indeed.

  • Thank you Mustafa , it's my latest addition to a small collection of odd Ethiopian telsum

  • A very delicate and appealing telsum, Betty.

  • Dear Betty; This is a true beauty indeed! The dangles seem to be quite unusual but very attractive. With kind regards. Peter
  • Great size and I love the dangles!

  • Beautiful telsum Betty, very striking work.  Size is also unusual large. I think this is more a telsum worn on its own not the way it is usually worn with many on a string. I love it. GR. Ingrid.

  • Betty I think the bells on it are original and not added as a afterthought.  I do have a small collection with telsum with bells.  ( small telsums). Gr. ingrid

  • What a delightful telsum - I love the workmanship, and like you the little rosette! Just look at the way that the silversmith has joined the twisted wires to form the circle - perfectly done.

  • Thank you Ingrid and Charlotte.

    @ Ingrid: I also think this may have been worn as an individual pendant. On the other hand I have seen pictures from Eritrea in the 1920s and 1930s showing ladies wearing telsum necklaces with fewer but larger amulets. Must have a look if I can find the pictures somewhere. 

    As for the dangles, I saw a second telsum of the same design with classic cone shaped dangles in chains (just feeling a bit annoyed with myself for not not getting this one too). That's why I think these are perhaps replacements. However, I somehow like these tiny ones as they are so unusual.

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