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Welo cuff and telsum necklace1

A classic simple cuff from Welo province in Ethiopia (7.8cm high, 149gr). The telsum necklace (strung on wool) is my own creation. I have added an old cross as a focal.
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  • wonderful items, both ! And a compliment for the beautiful photo! 

  • P.S. is the cuff big enough that you can wear it?   (I have some Ethiopian cuffs, not silver, not Jimma, smaller and different, that are so small they cannot be worn............ a pity)

  • Yes, It's actually quite big and slightly oval. The widest point measures 6.5 cm and the narrow-most about 5cm (and that's were the opening is). Very comfortable to wear (see pic below).

    Thanks for your kind comment on the photo. I tried a velvet jacket as a back ground  - it really makes the silver shine very nicely ...2506016064?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  •  Betty,What a warm and beautiful display. All items are top quality.  Well done. I am surprised to see that I do miss out, so good that these videos are  rolling.

  • Thank you Ingrid. I think you may have seen the items, but missed this 2nd picture. That happens to me all the time :)

    Since I have posted this photo, I have replaced some of the newer looking telsum and added more of the nicely worn I was lucky to find. I wear the necklace quite often. the bracelet is very nice, but I hardly wear it. It fits OK, but is simply too big for an everyday adornment. 

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