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Welo cuff and telsum necklace1

A classic simple cuff from Welo province in Ethiopia (7.8cm high, 149gr). The telsum necklace (strung on wool) is my own creation. I have added an old cross as a focal.
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  • Ingrid, your necklace inspired me to post these pics. Thanks again for your valuable advice regarding the cuff. 

  • The Axum cross blends nicely in.  Love the telsums, so smoothly worn. Very sweet pieces.

  • Thank you, Ingrid. 

    Some of the telsum are wonderfully worn as you remarked, others are a bit newer. I am replacing the newer ones with old, worn pieces whenever I find a few more :-) So, it's an ongoing project...

  • nice  peice!i  find   u  only   collect   fine  items!they  r  roc!

  • Beauties!

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