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Large and heavy Tunisian silver cuff with great silky patina and unusual hallmarks. Bought by previous owner in Sousse in 1977. Has someone seem such hallmarks before? The number (10) is typical for a Tunisian bracelet, but the other to punches look like Latin Script letters VH. I also have a pendant with Latin letters from Libya, I belief. Bracelet: 128 grams, 6.5cm inside diameter
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  • The numerical designation only occurs on Tunisian jewelry , although you are correct that similar letter stamps are found both on Libyan and Tunisian jewelry. It is always possible that it was at some point resold in Libya, in which case the seller would add his mark as a guarantee of silver content. However, I think it is safe to identify this bracelet as Tunisian origin.
  • Thank you very much for confirming the origin, Edith. Interesting and probable theory about this piece having passed some time in Libya. It would certainly explain the marks.

  • You are welcome! As we have all mentioned on this website previously, political borders are not cultural borders. Many families in Tunisia and Libya have marriage ties on either side of the border. Also, the political border between Tunisia and Libya has been modified in the past, so in some cases it is difficult to say if a particular village identifies itself as Tunisian or Libyan...they are more likely to prefer a tribal identity. What one can say for certain is that there were established centers for jewelry sale and production. For example Tunis and Tripoli historically were both commercial and artistic hubs for jewelry. The stamps tell the story of how these pieces travel, sort of like the old luggage labels on an antique steamer trunk. And similarly, they add to the beauty of the piece! Congratulations on your acquisition!
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