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Large and heavy Tunisian silver cuff with great silky patina and unusual hallmarks. Bought by previous owner in Sousse in 1977. Has someone seem such hallmarks before? The number (10) is typical for a Tunisian bracelet, but the other to punches look like Latin Script letters VH. I also have a pendant with Latin letters from Libya, I belief. Bracelet: 128 grams, 6.5cm inside diameter
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  • Very  nice cuff which looks quite old. Some Libyan silver items do have Latin letters . I believe they represent initials of  the goldsmith. Style of the cuff is close to those made in Tripoli but decoration is somewhat different as far as I  can judge.  Very attractive piece I hope that you will enjoy it.

  • Thank you very much for your comments Mustafa. I was also not sure whether to place this old beauty in Tunisia or Libya... it is one of these pieces that are a lot more impressive when you see it in person. The best of this design I have held in hand yet. Very comfortable to wear in spite of the relatively high weight.

  • I think actually it is Tunisian as I never saw  Libyan piece with numbers.  While the Tunisian ones do have numbers. This is besides the fact that this specific  decoration is not familiar to me in Libyan cuffs.

    Beautiful piece congratulations/

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