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Libyan head ornament

Large head ornament from Lybia or perhaps Siwa Oasis/ Egypt. About 6.5cm diameter.
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  • This looks very nice and attractive. It is a common type tome from Libya. It also comes with a different decoration , i.e. different star or with a crescent.  Very nice of you to post..Mustafa

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  • Note that the right photo resembles a different star and a crescent in the centre. Also it shows palm trees instead of an eye. The two examples signify the  variety Tripoli's culture through history.

  • Many thanks for all this interesting information, Mustafa. I greatly appreciate Libyan silver jewelry and was lucky to find this piece. Thanks to you I also know more about is symbolism now! Some of the leaves/eyes in my piece struck me as "fish", but maybe I am imagining this :-)

  • Thank you Betty for your comment . Yes I think you are right ;there is fish on the sides 'three of them' and other three looked to me as palm leaves but may be I am wrong in there;  but no eyes in your piece.

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