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Soft silver

Maria Theresa Thaler combines with some Ethiopian crosses and a wedding ring, all old silver worn soft over the years. One of my favorite every day necklaces.
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  • Dear Betty. What a delight! I can understand why this is your favorite. Congratulations! Peter
  • Dear Betty, what an adorable grouping, I especially love the particularly worn silver sheen on the two smaller crosses & the wedding ring, the thaler is extremely worn also, kind regards, zhanna

  • Oh yes, you've cleverly managed to capture the feel of the piece... a beautifully soft light. I can understand why you like to wear it.

  • Such perfect patina and wear on all of these treasures. Lucky you.

  • Thank you everyone! They are all lovely pieces... the photo turned out nicely too, even though, or maybe because of it was a bit too dark when I took the picture.

  • Hi Betty, That is so beautiful!! What a really great collection, stunning patina. :)  

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