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Small collection...

...of odd telsum amulets from Ethiopia
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  • Lovely collection and so well displayed.

  • A beautiful collection Betty. Are all the Amulets from Ethiopia?


  • These are adorable Betty! Each of them has such character. Did you source any of these in Ethiopia?

  • Beautiful and interesting collection of amulets. Just shows how much imagination the silver smiths had in crafting these in so many ways yet all very beautiful and all serve their purpose at the time... Variation with beauty.. Thanks for the display really educational...

  • Thank you everyone. Most are individual pieces, of some designs I have a few more.

    With the exception of the lower one of the cylindric amulets and the piece that has only one bail (which come out of a very old collection (1920s or earlier), the others were all sourced in Ethiopia within the past few years. The round one with the stone I have never seen before. It was not really common to make telsums with stones. In this one the original stone was replaced with a bead by the seller.

  • what a lovely collection and what a beautiful Display!

  • This is wonderful.

  • Betty, they're lovely, individually and together. I also love the heart-shaped slate on which they are displayed. It gives a sense of the three-dimensions of the little pieces. Such variety.

  • Hallo Betty,

    a real impressing collection!



  • Thank you everyone for your comments and (@ Sarah:) for the feature.

    The slate background works  quite well with the silver.

    As for the telsum, I have a very kind friend who often travels to Addis and "hunts" for unusual pieces. Unfortunately they are becoming more and more expensive these days...

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