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Necklace - Yemen

This is a nice necklace but I especially like the beads and the matching endings, which makes this quite an exclusive piece.
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  • A brilliant pendant, i love it. Bet it is huge!!

  • Dear Peter. A lovely piece. Do you think it is original with the Muria beads?  I do have a couple of them, even one on sale in my Etsy shop but they came without the beads, just a silver linked chain.  They are RashAida pieces, wedding necklace.  Traded in Ethiopia and a lot in Eritrea where they move.

    And another surprising thing for me which I didn.t know before.  A couple of days ago a read an article on Google, aksing about RashAida jewelry and there it mentioned that the women of the RasAida are skilled jewelers and making a lot of these traditional pieces. Had you heard before? GR. Ingrid

  • Dear Alaa and Ingrid; Many thanks for your messages. The necklace is quite big but the below pictured one is larger. You are right Ingrid, I usually see this type of pendants loose as the one below. However, looking at the entire piece, they do actually fit very well together especially also in terms of silver quality, which is high. I especially also like that the finishing pieces match the beads themselves, which is not always the case. Having seen the head covers of the Rashaida, which are partly embroidered with silver pearls, I am quite frankly not surprised to read this but at the same time also happy that they indeed had or have a very vital and important role in their tribes' hierarchy. With kind regards. Peter 


  • Now that's some serious bling!

  • Hey Peter …fantastic piece,!!!!,,from Saada…..according to Dr Bir collection….and granulation!!

    I saw a similar on Etsy months ago….it was missing a dangle and the bail to the plate in a very strategic place in the front …..needed a jewelry surgery ..and the price was high ..so i didn't bother getting it 

    Congrats ..Angelo

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