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brought along with amazonite in the 90'

Nice look and feel but much softer them amazonite what could it be?
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  • It is a very soft stone, beautyfull to look and great feel in somebody knows please seek for information

  • Could it be malachite perhaps?

  • Possibly serpentine?

  • You are right, Alaa. Serpentine is more likely...

  • I agree with Alaa, I think these are serpentine.

  • I agree with Serpentine.. Mined and cut to beads in the same regions as Amazonite.

  • Great to learn here and from you! Are these genuine old like the amazonite with this similar cut?
    About this shaped amazonite I saw a bead exhibited in the MET NY describing it as hinduvalley 2700 bc how does that fit?

  • Could also be jade, which comes in different colors. 

  • It's softer then jade

  • These are way softer than jade, mos of the time they come with very advanced wear around the holes

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