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Moroccan designer Faouzi necklace

Moroccan designer Faouzi necklace
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  • Wow I am sure I have seen this necklace in Faouzi's shop!

    Where did you get it?


  • I am pretty sure it is a Faouzi creation, he is a very fine designer...nice choice!
  • I love the earring portions! stunning!
  • Thank you, Sarah. If I  ever go to Morocco I will try to visit his shop.
  • Hey Toya, come with us on our September trip!  ;-).....

    I will introduce you to him!!!

    S x

  • Thank you! I would love to come on one of your amazing trips but I work full time and only have time off in the summer. I assume Morocco is too hot for trips in June and July. Maybe when I retire....
  • I am currently looking at 7 day trips to Marrakech and Essaouria, I shall keep you posted of progress.

    S x

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