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Khrab set

Earrings sourced in Morocco. From the Ait Ouaouzguit / Ouarzazte region. Lovely heavy silver with yellow and green enamel, soft wear, with linking chain and head hook attachment. Red glass on sides. Rare crescent pattern.
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  • Hi Sue,

    try Khrab set..possibly Ait ouarzguite region....still researching this one!!


    Ayis where are you!



  • Thanks, keep me posted, please.  Leaving for Venice at lunchtime!  Just enough hours to rush back and find ONE MORE treasure in Istanbul. x
  • Your habit seems to have developed into full flown beadaholic syndrome young lady!

    safe travels.

    enjoy Venice

    S x

  • definetely around the ait ouaouzguit / ouarzazte region


    Nice old set of earrings still bearing the enamel wich was applied directly on the crevices of the casted crescent wich is a very rare pattern

  • hi sarah , thank you for the credit you give me, too much compared to your terrain knowledge


    warmest greetings from Paris

  • Nice!
  • Help please!  Can anyone tell me more about this piece, like how old it is? Ayis! Are you there?! Will post more pix tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Savanna: When Ayis did comment on this post he said among other things "Nice old set of earrings still bearing the enamel wich was applied directly on the crevices of the casted crescent wich is a very rare pattern". He may well comment further, but meanwhile I think you can derive benefit from the fact that he called these earrings "old". For what it is worth I would - very roughly! - guess, myself, 1920-30, going by pieces which I have seen dated - not least just recently in my postings from the Jewish Moroccan Heritage Museum, on our Facebook page "Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment". You and other devotees of Moroccan jewellery (which comprises a lot of people contributing to this site) may well wish to look at my posts on that page, as I posted a significant number of fine pieces from that institution, some of them obviously rare including even pieces from around 1770. I am not going to find the time to post them here as well. Just recently I also obtained some pics from the Israel Museum, but those from the other place seem to be more consistently "pure" and more authoritatively described. Anyway, I would rely on Ayis for the date of this, and you are right to ask him if you find "old" too general!

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