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Gau strap Mongolian front enamel

enameled box with tuquoise and coral haivng a a painting and prayer inside used as a bezu band of sorts and worn on the arm
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  • Very pretty, love the colours together.

  • This had been in my collection before I sold it.  Not seen another gau like one after this, came out of a turn of the century collection that went up at auction.

  • You must have owned or at least had for a while the very best collection ever available, great respect for you little lady!!

  • I have had some nice things. I think for my budget that is.  I can not compete with the clients however who have more spending power.  I have sold things I would have kept so it is all what one can afford most of the times.  I would not also be a good dealer if I didn't sell good things and kept it all for myself. IT wouldn't be fair to the clients either.

  • Yes I agree as dealer you must sell nice things as otherwise you will not have certain clients, and you are right money makes the world turn round in every way but thank goodness we are not millionairs who spill money just for the sake of it......at least we have dreams, some we can fullfill and others have to go. Bless yourself as you still have an amazing collection!!  ;)))

  • Linda, you have had so many wonderful pieces of jewellery pass through your hands and must`ve have had some fascinating experiences. Surely enough to constitute a book. Do you think it would ever be a possibility?

  • i have many more photos so i guess I should keep posting them? !  I go year by year category by category.. I have not even gotten through all the last 8 years yet, then there is all the stuff on disks that I have from before that. 25 or 30 years back,, not sure how to do that since many are regilar slides and photos.  It is too much.  I'm now also trying to document clients collections so that i can have better photos and research. Many items have not been professionaly photographed, some have and of those, most I would not be able to publish without permission since all are in collections.  One collection has alot of great pieces but that client is having books written about the collections by her own curator.  So there is alot to it.   I was thinking of doing lectures maybe or particular types of articles based on quality collecting and dating which not alot of people talk about.  I had one scheduled for 011  in Washington dc but my mom died and things happened so I had to cancel.  It's hard to write and do research when one has to sell  and earn a living.. it takes up alot of time. Books also really don't pay well and usually the author has to spend alot to get it done.. so it is unlikely that I will publish in the near future unless a fairy god mother pays me to do one!

  • Would that I could summon up a fairy godmother!

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