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Mongolian headdress visor side view two sides

unusual style of silver visor type headdresss Mongolia
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  • That is something!!!

  • Very nice! I would certainly have been interested in this one ... But that would apply to may of the things you have sold over the years! As you say, to see this sort of thing in metal is indeed unusual. But it does have something of the grandeur of the very generous large ones with lots of coral which I greatly like, and of which I once saw, with Truus, a good example in Hong Kong, in the early 90s, which even then would have cost us $50,000. That was simply too much for use then, and it would still be "heavy money" now, though I still often think of it. We are glad to have two less spectacular but good examples which cost us far less than that amount. This, though, would have been an interesting addition! Thanks so much for showing all these pieces - really appreciated.

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