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silver and leather pouch

very pretty fine silver pouch Morocco
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  • That is a very beautiful one, I love the silver work!

  • access to old collections has been mostly the key finding these items.



  • that is really super!!!!

  • That is very fine indeed, Linda - great piece. What exactly do you mean by a "Moroc copy"?

  • I have one in bigger pixel size I posted it without changing the description from my own listing. I have thousands of photos in each year and in differing pixel sizes depending on what I'm doing with them.

  • Yes, you are taking on a big task, obviously!! Still, could you explain what the story with this one is, please. A Moroccan copy of what?? I don't understand just what the piece actually is - it is beautiful, so I am keen to know as much as possible about what we are looking at. Thanks for any help.

  • It is not a copy the photo itself is a copy of the original in higher pixel quality. the copies are saved at lower pixel so i can up load easily. I do that with all the photos I take. in the title is called copy and I didn't take it out , now it is renamed..

  • Ah - yes, that explains it. Previously of course one found oneself wondering about the PIECE as a copy.

  • Very fine, could be very very old as a moroccan work following a turkish (ottoman) original.

    Would love to se the leather work

  • It's a truly lovely piece, Linda. Very beautiful. Like Ayis I'd like to look "inside", so to speak, but that may be too difficult. It is very nice, also, to see something that can be regarded as an accessory and thus as "adornment", while it is not in the rigid sense a piece of jewellery. Come to think of it, would it have been out of view most of the time and only brought out when used? For some older pieces were actually visibly attached to the body. (Hence, in English, the expression a "cutpurse" for a specialised thief!)

This reply was deleted.

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