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For Betty

A very old pair of Yemeni Bedouin bracelets, pins intact; silver with granulations, decorated with Mediterranean coral and table-cut carnelians, probably from India. Diameter 7.5cms
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  • These were made by a Jewish silversmith probably from Habban.

  • Beautiful find!

  • Very nice bracelets! You are lucky to find a pair!  Thanks for showing.

  • Dear Thelma; They are really beautiful and yes, difficult to find as a pair! Congratulations. Peter
  • Dear Anna and Hillary. Many thanks for the kind comments. Apparently, there used to be a community of Jewish silversmiths at Habban some time ago who used to make jewellery for women in the Hadramaut. This is where this piece comes from.

  • Thank you so much for posting these fantastic pieces, Thelma! What a great find and a wearable size. too. And of course matching your other pieces from that region. Very, very appealing.

  • Dear Thelma, what a fantastic find.  Very hard to find as a pair and with such a striking and well balanced design.  There was a unique Jewish community in Habban.  The women wore a unique costume with a see-through net head covering (photo below.)  Among the men there were fierce warriors who were preferred as bodyguards for Sultans and Kings in Arabia.  Their costume was also very unique and beautiful.


    The male costume:


    Habbani Jewish bodyguards standing behind the Jordanian King:


  • Great info and pictures, Lynn!

    Belated "Happy New Year" to you! It's nice to hear from you again.

  • Happy New Year Betty!!  I was unwell for a few months but I am back to normal now and glad to be talking to all of you again.  :)

  • Dear Peter, Betty and Lynn, Thanks for the comments. Betty, I thought you would like it! Lynn, thank you so much for those splendid photos. I will copy them into my records. Hope that you are feeling better now. It was good to see you back.

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