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Syria, probably Deir El Zor or Damascus. Bracelet. Silver, 3 inches wide.
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  • Dear Angelo, I love the rustic soul of this bracelet and it is in a Syrian design I have not seen before.  Well done!

  • A rare beauty and a pleasure to behold.

  • I saw this on fb and I am a huge fan. This piece rally appeals to me. The design is also new to me, but it has a very Syrian feel indeed. Congrats (if you ever consider selling it, pls let me know... :)

  • Thanx Betty…i think my friend Waqar posted after i told him to do so …..i like my good pieces and pictures to be posted ..i don't mind that !!1

    It's a beauty…glad i found at flea market NY…….

    and thanx for the offer of selling ..making me blush ..didnt sell anything so far ….


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