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Ultra rare gilded silver senaglese necklace

This old.necklace comes from the city of saint-louis in Senegal which was famous for this delicate style of filigreed jewels
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  • Lovely, and great to see the boghdad cross influences!

  • Very elegant!

  • Wonderful!
  • Wonderful! I was immediately thinking of a book titled "African Gold" with wonderful pictures, in there are many examples of different but similar pieces, also boghdads in gold from Mauritania. If I don't forget I will scan an example later on.

  • Thanx ladies,

    It is wonderful to see that the cross have had a wide distribution across the region

    This necklace is so balanced and wonderfully smooth to wear

  • Contrary to what I thought I could not find a Picture of such a pendant with the circles in the book. I only found golden Boghdads. Sorry, my Memory was wrong.........These are of course not the same. I include a Picture just the same.2505996826?profile=original

  • Just gorgeous!

  • A great piece, Ayis - I like it very much.

  • Oh my goodness........!

    How I`d love to find a piece like this. Untill October I am parted from my edition of "African Gold" (thanks again, Eva) and I`m SO missing it now.

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