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Peul Woman from Mopti

this photo is from the book "African Gold" by Timothy F. Garrard, showing a Peul woman in Mopti (Mali), wearing a bicone pendant of Gold together with other traditional jewellery, (4-lobed earrings and amber beads on the head). In earlier times rich People had These in pure Gold, today it is often guilded silver or other materials. The huge earrings are in Mali also worn by the Sonrai. Lots of Gold jewellery was also worn by the Tukulor/Wolof in Senegal and of course in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire (Asante, Akan, Baule).
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  • A wonderful picture eva.

    thanx for sharing

  • @Thank you Ayis, and Sarah. As said, it is from a book, about Gold in West Africa (very interesting and lots of beautiful photos). Don't ask me about the amber on the head, I do not know if it is real or false, same as the jewellery, some could be real solid Gold, some could be guilded. The Peul's main area in Mali is around Mopti, a wonderful, lively City with a beautiful mosque and a very busy river Harbour with hundreds of beautiful (with Patterns painted) pirogues.

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