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Torque - Swat Valley-Pakistan

This necklace is very unique. The dangles are all in double, hence, two dangles on top of each other, making the torque very heavy.
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  • Beautiful torques, all of them, Peter!

    This one here is absolutely stunning. In spite of being heavy as you say, it's a very elegant piece. Congratulations! Betty

  • Dear Betty; Many thanks for your messages. I am delighted to hear that you like these torques. They are very special. I have a book about Swat Valley jewelry and other handicrafts. The Swat Valley has not only very beautiful handicrafts, such as jewelry, wood carvings, etc. but it is located on rather high altitude and has a magnificent countryside, similar to the alpine regions. Meanwhile, a Pakistani Ambassador confirmed to me that one can again travel to the Swat Valley as it was closed for several years, due to the Taliban. But then, I am sure that many things have now changed. Maybe I will try to visit it one day... With kind regards. Peter

  • Dear Peter, I love Swat Valley jewellery and as usually you have found some especially beautiful examples. I really hope you will be able to travel there one day soon (both for you and its inhabitants who would surely benefit from a bit of tourism)! The book you are referring to, is that the one written by J. Kalter? I have been thinking about buying it, but was not sure. I have bought so many jewellery books in the past years that I feel I should first read the ones I have, before purchasing more of them... With best regards, Betty

  • Dear Betty; Yes, I am talking of the book of J. Kalter. It is very nice and definitely very informative. It gives a great insight into handicrafts (not only jewelry) in the Swat Valley. With kind regards. Peter
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