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Torque - Swat Valley-Pakistan

This torque is very heavy. The photo was taken before cleaning. In the meantime, I have cleaned it and it shines like nothing else.
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  • Wow. A beautiful selection of Swati torques. Shown like this, one can make out interesting parallels between them in patterns etc. Very interesting. Are they very heavy?

  • Dear Thelma; Many thanks for your message. They are all very heavy and of high silver content. This particular unit together with the torque featuring a double layer of dangles, is very heavy indeed. They are gorgeous and believe me, after cleaning this particular unit is a stunner! With kind regards. Peter

  • Please, may we see it cleaned? So beautiful!

  • Dear Brooke; I will certainly do that. I have my collection not with me in Jordan but at my home. However, I will be travelling to Europe later this month and will provide you a photo of all the Swat Valley torque in shiny condition. With kind regards. Peter

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