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Moroccan pouch outside

Leather pouch outside
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  • That looks lovely! Can't remember seeing this before ...
  •  i got this in Morocco. were not many that were that old. This is inexpensive also Looks great on inside has many compartments
  • tabattiere, i think mauritania. at least the famous ones are from there

  • thanks for the information.  I like this and still have it, no one buys it. I guess not many know what to do with them and not many collectors of such things, which are becoming hard to find as they are not made the same now. anyway... thanks not sure if I ever posted inside details. 2393253079?profile=original

  • i like it, i ave almost the same but not so beatiful as yours. they are still doing them but the old ones are much better. at the moment, i have afriend in mauritania and he is trying to get some. i hope he will sell me one or two

  • I love this, but it is rather large, isn't it??

  • I don't think this is large, I think it is for pipes, tobacco? Has many colorful inserts.

  • I see your point, Patti - if you look at it folded up (i.e. see just the outside) then the total measurements would not be that huge.

  • for a thin cigarettes  pipe. there is small ones arrounde 8 x cm, and bigger ones are arround 12 x 4 cm

  • 8 x 3 cm

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