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oman neck on black

hemp and silver necklace from Oman traditional original forminventory for sale
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  • I have one similar to this and just love to wear it, purchased it from my friend Balushi in Oman.

    You have a wonderful collection of jewelry, guess you have been collecting a long time.....


    Kind regards Marie-Ange.

  • I purchased this in the UK and it's very difficult for people to be attracted to this. It's for sale and not one person in all the years I have had it has asked to try it or wanted it. They are hard to find now the old ones.  I sold one with gold a few years ago that was very fancy by comparison but I like the old silver ones better myself.
  • I am very surprised noone has bought it yet, I wear mine very often and people love it on me.  No I prefer the silver ones too, am not a gold person!
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