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Mauritanian mizam ebony_1

This is a pair of Mauritanian bangles, Ive only ever seen slimmer ones. Probably mid 20th C. Very much a pre Saharan style
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  • Very pretty...there is a type of traditional Tunisian bracelet also made from ebony. How does one tell real ebony from other wood that has been stained a dark color? I would occasionally see "ebony" bangles for sale in Tunis, but could not tell if they were genuine. And considering that they were quite pricey, never purchased that type of bracelet.
  • Well ebony is a very hard wood that does not float in water, making it ideal for ornaments and jewellery. It was often used in this sort of Mauritanian/Tuareg type of jewel so I am assuming it is ebony. 

  • Ah! Thanks! So if I were to go back to Tunis, I assume that I could tell the real ebony by the density? I would be looking for wood that seemed heavy for its size? Someday I'll go back to that shop on Rue Habib Bourguiba that sells the ebony bracelets!!
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