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Anklets, Kabylia (Algeria)

Anklets, Kabylia (Algeria)
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  • Splendid and rare and congratulations for getting these treasures...am green with envy...
  • Beautiful set with details of professional crafting. Congratulations for getting such a rare set.

  • Simple and elegant. Nice patina on these. Congrats!

  • Thank you all for your nice comments. I was very lucky to find these and spent quite sometime polishing them and they were quite dark. Here you have some more pics (after cleaning)


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  • Delicate and beautiful. The engraving at the centre reminds me a little of Tuareg work. How lucky you were to find them. Congratulations, Jose.

  • At last i know who got these beauties and honestly i am very happy that it is one of the forum members.

    These are always very heartwarming when you discover the unusual (for kabyle pieces i mean) and exquisite patterns once they are cleaned.

    I have had the chance to find some of these but they are absolutely rare pieces and your pair is one of the best crafted i have seen so far.

    Congrats :-)

    NB: Can you provide the weight of the pair when you have time. thanx

  • Stunning indeed - congratulations Jose!

  • Thank you very much Peter and Alaa. I was very lucky to find these. Alaa, I am very sorry I overlooked your email. Actually, the anklets are quite light as the silver sheet is not too thick. I will see if I can weigh them some way as at presente I do not have a scale at home!!

  • Good evening, Alaa. I finally weighed them. They are 86 and 90 grms. As anticipated they are fairly light.

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