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Ethiopia / Eritrea necklaces
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  • Two lovely old pieces that I was able to buy from an elderly lady, who had spent time in Ethiopia and Eritrea from the 1930s to the mid 1950s.  Does anyone know the beads that are included in the top necklace.  ?? Rashaida, perhaps ??.  Two more photos are included below.2506033234?profile=RESIZE_1024x10242506033472?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • These are very beautiful beads in great condition and great materials.  Congratulations!  The applique beads look like they may have been made by Yemeni silversmiths, in Yemen or working in Ethiopia/Eritrea.  Ingrid will know for sure.

  • Lynn, thanks for the input, I will do a search among Yemeni necklaces and see if I can find these beads.  Acid testing has revealed that they are high quality silver.

  • These beads are wonderful! Ethiopia and Yemen are so interwoven in pretty much everything. Even the landscape (highlands) is same.... Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish the jewelry but yes, I also count on Ingrid to enlighten us. I have a necklace with similar beads. I am traveling tomorrow from Switzerland to my home in France. I will take a photo and post it, together with my latest purchases... Peter
  • I really love these, I learned sometime that they are called Muria beads /?) They were long on my wishlist but I could not afford them (I bought a lot photographic equipment instead, which made me very happy, as I am more in nature /animal photography involved today). Nevertheless, I still like ethnic jewellery a lot, and particularly Ethiopian/Eritrean - and the Sahara, where I took many trips to.  Unfortuntely going to Northern Mali is not adviseable anymore since quite  while due to terrorism.    Back to the necklace, I love it! and many others that Ingrid (our Ethiopia specialist) has..... yes, I agree with Peter below, Yemen and Ethiopia seem interwoven in jewellery... quite fascinating to study. Congrats to this beautiful piece!

  • Eva Baby and Peter thanks for your lovely feedback.  Peter, I am looking forward to seeing your necklace with similar beads, as although I have many, many Yemeni necklace, I have yet to find these types of beads on any of them.  

  • 2506035711?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Please find above my necklace with similar beads.... With kind regards. Peter 

  • Peter thank you for the cross reference.  You necklace by the way is absolutely lovely.  If my assumption, that traditional Ethiopian Muria beads, were always cast in two halves, your beads must be really old, to have gotten this lovely smooth even surface.   I also noticed the similarity to a necklace that you have also just posted, to the other beads in the top necklace of mine, that have the applied decoration.  Peter, you really do have an outstanding collection of jewellery, and every time you post something, it puts a smile on my face .... I VERY much appreciate your generosity in sharing  your treasures with us.  

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