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female hat from china's southwest

worn by both Yi and Hani people in China's Southwest.made from fabric and covered with silver studs. the shape is reminiscent of a rooster.
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  • The shape of a cockscomb, in  particular. Nice pieces. Compare the one in Truus's *Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment*, p. 273.
  • Hi Joost,

    Thanks for the comment and the clearup. It is indeed the shape of a cockscomb, not of a whole rooster haha.I actually have 2 of these, but with different fabric colors. 

    I haven't bought your book yet, but had a sneak preview at the book store inside het museum voor volkenkunde in Leiden and it's fabulous. I am meeting up with a fellow collector next week and I will discuss with him the possibility of buying 2 books or more at the same time in order to save money.

    Don't be shy to take a look at my other items and comment on those too.








  • Hi Howah, - I see you actually live in Rotterdam, but I hope you won't my my talking to you in English, which is easier for me. I don't even know whether you are Dutch, for that matter! Anyway, I am very pleased with your message and that you liked Truus's book so much. As you are going to consider buying more than one copy, it may help if we give you, right now, a price for THREE, which would produce a very advantageous price per individual book. This is simply due to shipping costs (we use an excellent courier who is not expensive). For three, you would pay no more than A$400, i.e. $133.33 per book (here in Australia it costs $175 in a bookshop). The A$ (AUD) is pretty much at parity with the US$. Truus would send you an invoice (as Ethnic Art Press), and that would enable you to pay, securely, by using VISA or Paypal. We could alternatively - and less attractively - sell you a SINGLE copy (express airmail) for A$185 (rather than the $195 on our website), but we can do no better than that as the postage then is $113. It weighs (when packed) 4kg. That $133.33 is much better, even if you bought, say, two for two people who share and the third as a present! Unfortunately, two is not an option, for they would cost almost as much to send as three. That $133.33 is a wholesale price. For SIX we can do much better again, but I imagine you won't want that many!! I suggest you also have a look at Truus's website, www.ethnicartpress.com.au, for more information (such as reviews etc). And, of course, we very much hope that you find a way of buying three copies, for mutual benefit! But if you bought one copy we'd certainly be happy to supply that, too. And at $185 you pay only $10 more than Australians do in a bookshop. Hope I am not sounding too commercial in all this! By the way, if you want to send me a direct email, please don't hesitate, at Joost.Daalder@flinders.edu.au. Or drop Truus a line through the website. Best wishes, also from Truus, - Joost

  • What a nice shape this is. Had not seen these hats before. Do you have a picture of woman wearing such a hat?

  • 2505992659?profile=originalHi Harald,

    This is a photo taken from the front. I do have a photo somewhere that shows a side view, but need to find it in my big ethnic peoples photo file. I believe that this type of headdress is typical for the Yi people of the Yuanyang and Honghe region in China's Yunnan province.

  • Thank you! I thought the hat might be much bigger. A photo of people wearing it makes it more interesting! A nice couple these youngsters.

  • Reminiscent of the cock's comb, I think, Howah, rather than the total bird - though you are made to think of the bird as well. Truus and I also like this greatly, and include it on p. 273 of *Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment*. Ours has a red woollen lining, and, it would seem, more varied colours - but they are very similar pieces.

  • Another photo, this time from my Chinese book about the minorities. The girls wearing the hats are described as being from the Hani people.


  • Thanks for the pictures, so nice to see how things are worn, these are better than the one before!

  • I agree with Harald, Howah: great pictures - you provide a real public service!! Thanks very much.

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