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Berber Pendants

Berber Pendants
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  • Oh, Toya, I love the small door/ hamsa with the shell.  Let me know if you ever want to sell or trade!  Fantastic patina.
  •   Hi Hillary, I love that pendant  too and at this point in time I could not part with it. There is a wonderful energy about it. But I'll keep you in mind. Do you recognise the pendant with dangles to the left of that one? I bought it from you.

  • Of course I recognize it!  I would never ask you to even think about parting with such a favorite piece, but do put me on our list if you ever have a change of heart. Abdu will be in Pasadena for a show this summer.  Would love to meet you (again), but I'll probably stay in Tucson with the Yasmina and Baby Tariq.  As a toddler, Yasmina gets into things.  One of her first words was "beads"!
  • Lovely!
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