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Filigrane cross with glass stones en coral (Balkan?)
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  • I think it's from the Balkan area, but somebody said to me it's Ethopian. Does anybody knows this?

  • that is definetely from the balkans not ethiopian
  • Thank you Ayis for your comment! I'm now sure about this, thanks!
  • filgree + coloured glass cabochons + coral beads are all indes to highlight ottoman period necklaces


    and since it is a christian cross (actually an orthodox cross shape) that could come from the balkans or maybe from the once flourishing greek orthodox community settled in nowaday asian turkey.


  • Wow! Thanks for the information! I thought it was maybe from Syria (or another country in the same region), because the seller had also an christian cross with coins with arabic text.

  • actually there is a big chance that these coins were actually ottoman coins that were largely used through the ottoman empire including among the christian land ruled by the ottomans as well as the christian minorities scattered among muslim lands.

    It could as well come from any greek orthodox community in the middle east including Syria

  • Nice piece of 'religious' jewelry!And Ayis sure provides a very plausible explanation for lts possible origin.
  • I think this may well be Bulgarian Ottoman. I have a Bulgarian Ottoman pendant (gilded filigree, red and green glass stones with  an ottoman coin), acquired from an expert on such so I have no doubts as to its` origin. I haven`t yet shown it. It displays some similar characteristics to this. Though I feel that this cross could have come from any of the Balkan Orthodox communities, very possibly when under Ottoman sway, though their own traditional designs were amalgamated with ottoman style anyway.

  • HI Johanne, I believe it was Frankie who recently provided a link in one of her posts for a site that had more information on Bulgarian jewellery. I just checked the site and could find a pdf file with more background information. In it, there are a few crosses and one closely resembles the one you have. Check this for comparison. 2505994152?profile=original

  • Thanks for helping out with your technical abilities, Howah. I`m delighted you checked out the link, too!

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