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3 fingers berber ring

3 fingers berber ring
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  • Hi Ayis ,
    What is the significane behinf the multiple finger rings? If any...
  • theres is a real tradition for multiple fingers rings in the western part of the high atlas mountains.

    This one comes from the north facing slopes of the western high atlas, they are simply etched and engraved and usually covering three fingers, rarely two. adding coins is a geneal feature that appeared in the last half of the 19 th century due to the monetarization (in opposition to barter) of  trade and the wide availability of moroccan and french coins in the kingdom of morocco, but one can see through this habit the beginning of the great decadence of the oldest thechniques wich begun to disappear due to the foreign influences, the impoverishment of the local buyers and the migration of the skilled silversmiths to nearby cities.

    ON the southern slopes, there is a wonderful 4 fingers ring that is really hard to come by and very rare, wich was usually engraved, nielloed and even enameled for the richest pieces.

    The habit of wearing this kind of jewelry is to my understanding ad old tradition common to the entire islamic and oriental world, wich tends to cover every single patch of women bodies as a sign of wealth, of course such rings were  used mainly in festive occasion, such as marriages and  tribal dances to show off wealth since it is very hard to go by daily life with fingers trapped in such shell.

    One can still notice nowadays that moroccan ladies, berber and arab alike, when attending and party, would try to cover themselves with as much jewelry as possible (though it's a usage that tends to fade away under the pressure of western fashion)



  • Thanks you for that - I have a newer two fingereed fing - I will post.
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