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Yemeni? Indian?

This is a solid color necklace with hints of Jewish Yemeni work and Indian design elements. Any ideas?
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  • beautiful and very intricate work!


    right now i am thinking of pakistan or orth west india (gujarat, kashmir, punjab..)

    it is only an intuition


    but if you look at the little hanging empty circles (not the ones with filigree flowers inside)....at the junction with the bail there is a tiny embossed pellet


    i have already seen this detail in the jewellery of the region


  • I too would have thought Pakistan or thereabouts - most certainly not Yemen, where the workmanship would be very much more refined and concerned with minutiae.


  • Hello Hillary!

    To me it looks more Indian than Yemenite...Just guessing!

  • Kind of late to the party here. The torque shape hints of Pakistan, the little dangles of Yemen. So, Probably Pakistan
  • Hilllary, - I like Patti's reasoning, and had already previously suggested "Pakistan of thereabouts". I think we cannot be far wrong if you settle for Pakistan - on balance by far the likeliest source.
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