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worn by women in South-West China, probably Dong and Miao minority.very nicely twisted high grade silver
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  • Yes, we have this one too. Not very early - in our case - but it is a terrific design and extremely well made. Much better than the latest stuff that has been appearing on eBay.
  • hey, i believe this one actually does have some age. the craftsmanship of it is at the least extraordinary. a ladyfriend of mine likes it a lot and often borrows it from me so she can wear it. she used to work in an art gallery and customers would often try to buy it from her, haha..

    i too get very annoyed at seeing all the low quality new stuff on ebay that are offered as antique or real silver. 


  • I think ours too is not exactly new - superficially they look almost identical, I would say. I doubt that noone alive in SW China could still make it: their skills are at times still very formidable, but their sense of taste has been collapsing at a frightening pace. My sense is that the design and technique here are almost certainly largely traditional, no matter when it was made exactly. So I don't think that the matter of date greatly matters. It's a terrific piece, technically and aesthetically, which to me is paramount.
  • Where did you buy this one Howah? looks spectacular, not like the new ones indeed.  Must be heavy I guess?

  • Yes this neckring is a bit heavy, but I think it's tolerable. My friend wears it with joy and she's not complaining about the weight. It's very modern looking, strong and elegant at the same time. I knew I had to buy it the first time I saw it. I bought it in China from a reliable source, but I'm not telling who;) Am looking for matching bracelets to complement the set.

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