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Neck coral muti strand

24 strand Eastern European coral necklace. The largest one I have ever seen!
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  • WOW...................mouth watering!!

  • this is one of the ones I should  have kept for myself and was incredible. never saw another one with as many strands. I had a girl friend in college that had a three strand one from her grand mother and i always coveted it. I never got one for myself and then this came along.  It was expensive but I could have afforded it then to keep it however I was selling so many incredible things then it was a matter of choosing and sometimes with so much available one thinks it will happen again. Mostly for special things you have to get them while you can.

  • Yep you should have kept this one but in those days there was a lot on the market to buy so you did not know it would become so rare and special now, I guess we all have sold items we pull hair out over now. What amazes me is how fast the selling market collapsed some years ago.

  • I knew it was rare as I had not seen one with this many lines but because alot of Central Asian items and other areas like Morocco were being dealt with and I kept from those areas, I had to make a choice. Now there is nothing much on the market so it's more impactful now.   I sold that necklace in 05

  • Wow!

  • Could it be this came from Russia?  on our local marketplace is a Russian lady selling 3 strands of similar looking coral tube beads.  Can't download the picture as it is protected.

  • I've seen both Polish and Ukrainian coral necklaces like this, though not nearly as extensive.  a rather nice Polish one with 8 or so strands just went on eBay for $251, nice hand-sanded, rounded beads all with traditional stringing.

  • This piece is interesting with the use of different sized beads in each strand.  Linda, do you know how much this weighed?  It is very lovely!

  • Yes that is what I find interesting too that not all beads have same size and shape, very attractive.

  • Hi yes these are either Polish Hungarian or Slav and are Russian.  The thing I like is not just the shape of the beads but the silver saw toothed bezel that usually is on them. If I was to buy myself again for me, I would want those bezels on there.  Usually coral is expensive and those prices seem very reasonable to me.

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