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Master and Apprentice

Here are two Palestinian bracelets which are interesting from the perspective of understanding how the silversmiths worked and catered to the needs of different customers. These bracelets were made to the same dimensions with the same forms and tools, and hence I believe were made in the same workshop. The one on the left is made in 900 grade silver with gorgeously executed work, made by a master. The one on the right was probably made by an apprentice, in about 700 grade silver. These may be variants on the Palestinian munamname bracelets made and work in Galilee. I always welcome corrections and other opinions.
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  • Dear Lynn; These bracelets are absolutely gorgeous! I agree with your comments. Palestine and Jordan have been much influenced by the flow of pilgrims from/to Mecca and Medinah as well as migrant silversmiths from Yemen respectively. This is clearly shown in these outstanding bracelets. I am almost sure that it was the same silver smith producing both bracelets. Congratulations! Peter
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