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Ziz region Morocco
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  • Saw them before but could not remember where they came from, thanks alot!

  • Thanks so much, Sarah. You already know it was yourself that told me the info. on the Essaouira beads in the first place. Really interesting to see the headdress.

    The necklace was restrung this year, the original one contained the similar silver beads that are in the earrings. The original fell apart within 3 mins of my buying it, having been restrung at some time on 3 thin strands of green nylon! I bought it in the Marrakech souk. While I think it`s just about impossible to get any kind of bargain there now, I really liked the necklace. It wasn`t exactly a snip in Feb. this year but, having consulted internet prices on my return to the UK, I was well satisfied with it. And now, with that price on Ruby Lane referred to previously, much more so.

    Thanks again for the info - much appreciated!

  • It is'nt easy to find the good deals in the souk now, but it is still possible if you know where to shop. S x

  • wonderful to see this headpiece! Also, you know so much! It is so great that one can get so much information on this page by members (and from you). I cannot include a smiley here, so I say so: Many smileys...!

  • See Patricia`s headdress.

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