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Four examples of repaired amber beads

These are four of a larger collection of repaired amber beads from Morocco (though I suspect the lower left hand bead is from Mali or Mauritania). Some of the repairs are old and others are more vintage. The lower left hand corner bead is not broken; it has a decorative brass bead "cap" added to either end with a metal tube of copper. This was done to make be bead more functional as its hole had become too big with years and years of wear. Amber was valuable and a broken bead is worth less than a functional bead with a hole. The variations and decorative styles of repairing beads never ceases to amaze.
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  • Of course - I had never given thought as to why amber beads might be capped. It makes such good sense! Decorative, too. I think caps can give added texture to a design.

  • Congratulations, these are fabulous. I agree that the capped bead is likely from Mauritania or Mali. A real treat to see them .
  • So much character. Beautiful.

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