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Ethopian Hand Crosses and Processional crosses
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  • Wow!
    are these yours?
    Fab collection
  • Yes, I have many/ I am going to take a picture of the rest. And I also have one that measures about 24' across. It is beautiful.

    Nice collection Kathleen ! Did you acquire them in Ethiopia ?

    These are actually hand crosses, processional crosses are the bigger ones (like the one you mention measuring 24'') which sit ontop a wooden staff.

    In the middle you have a nice mamqwam which also sits on a staff. Church goers rest on them as mass last a long time and no one sits down.

  • Thanks for the distinction.  I acquired them over the last 20 years from African traders.
  • I should have checked on your website before posting... you describe the different types of crosses very well.

    You might be interested to know that for larger crosses, they are sometimes assembled, ie, several pieces are cast and then inserted into one another, tongue and groove fashion.

    Another interesting fact is that every cross has a ''hidden'' meaning. For example, the cross from the St-George church in Lalibela, the troglodyte church complex, represents the actual cross shaped monolithic building which itself is a representation of Noah's ark... I was in Lalibela over 12 times and would find something new with each visit. I'll post some of the beautiful crosses I saw.


  • Very interesting - thanks for the info regarding these crosses -  These is tmuch to know around all these fabulous pieces!
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