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Early Armenian piece

Early Armenian piece
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  • Hi Sarah is this piece for sale? or are the other gold items for sale?
  • My dear Sarah,I hope this comment finds you well,I've been collecting north african jewellery,specifically Moroccan gold,I love the pictures you took of the gold pieces,the lebba was also photographed from the reverse to show the champleve enamel which was a superior craft at the time,so my question is:are the 2 andalucian pieces for sale?and if yes,what would be the price and do you have better pictures of the 2 items.Warmest regards Sad.
  • Hi Sad,

    I am travelling at the moment, I shall contact you upon my return with more details.

    Warmest wishes


  • Thank you,and enjoy your trip.
  • after scrutunizing well the picture, i came to the conclusion that this have been for sure the central part of an articulate crown


    definetely very early

  • Thank you Ayis, I have similar information regarding the piece Valencia seems likely.

    Warm wishes


  • IMHO Valencia seems unlikely, i would vote for granada or even early moroccan piece from post reconquista
  • I see some interesting similarities with this diadem from Bulgaria or Ottoman area. 2505990901?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024I see similarities to this diadem that I have worked with from a collection, this one is either Bulgarian or Ottoman Empire area.
  • Wow Linda, this is a wonderful diadem.


    Indeed the similarities are more than superficial and andalucian techniques and features are mixing well with asian and eastern ones (the little hanging balls, the crescent, the double arc-like shaped diadem, the peacok tail shape of the toppings)


    Typically ottoman empire (crescent and coral beads)


    Is it  part of a public or private collection? have it been published before?



  • Hi this piece is something for sale but I don't own it. Some one that has a regular jewelry business has it in the inventory and doesn't really know what it is or where it's from particularly They sell estate 19th c and art deco jewelry.  It is probably still available as they don't do much business with non wearible and ethnic jewelry.


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