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Bracelet from Orissa

Nice filigree work and all these small flowers!
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  • Beautiful - Yes like my ring!
  • In fact I have 2 bracelets this pattern...are you interested to buy??
  • Isabel, this looks very much like Miao Chinese minority work.  I'll see if I can find an example.
  • That's true Hillary...I have another one with same motif but it closes like the Miao bracelets...so maybe they are not from Orissa but from the Miao...
  • I have a feeling they may be Miao.  The Chinese have been prolific in producing this style of work and I have seen them being sold in many countries as work from other cultures NOT Miao.  They are lovely, regardless!  The closure is also typical of many Chinese pieces.
  • Here is an item number for eBay: 220799779133, these are new bracelets, but in the same style.  These have the traditional closures, but sometimes they are left off to appeal to the Western market that seems to prefer cuff bracelets.
  • Hillary is right: these are MIao, in a rather non-descript style, and now often made by them. They are wearable, but should not be thought of as culturally significant.
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