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Belt - Ayutthaya-Thailand

This belt is 500 gram heavy and the buckle is featuring 3 birds, which is quite unusual. A true beauty!
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  • Gorgeous Peter …congrats !!!..Angelo

  • Beautiful, Peter. I love the soft shine on the silver and the buckle is very finely worked.

  • Another fabulous addition to your belt collection, Peter. Congratulations! I love both the buckle and the intricate braiding of the belt itself.

    In a way it's quite painful to look at this lovely piece as I recently lost a bid on a similar (not quite as fancy) belt of this style which went for an incredibly affordable price... 

  • Dear All; Many thanks for your messages. These belts are quite special and people usually do not know where to place them. Out of the belts of this kind I have in my collection, there was only one which was proper labeled. I have bought this particular beauty for 5% of its actual value. A true bargain. With kind regards and best wishes. Peter
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