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Ancient Gneiss Stone Beads

Made in Greater Iran from 3000 B. C. to 600 B. C., this type of bead is difficult to date once it is removed from its archeological stratum. So it is only safe to say that I collected it from an Iranian merchant of such goods and that the beads are at least 2600 years old.One is tabular, one is a rondelle and one is end-pierced. Gneiss is hardened volcanic ash and other small debris from an eruption and from the sediment in which they settled. It is something like granite.
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  • impressive, to think about its age!

  • I have many artifacts from that culture in my collection.  I really appreciate their endurance in such good condition that they can be enjoyed thousands of years after they were created.  Thank you for your comment.


  • How interesting, thanks for the excellent information.
  • I was pleased to see that they were part of a small collection that my husband had brought home from an Iranian collector and antiquities merchant in New York several years ago.  Since the merchant did not know from what ancient site they had been gathered, they cannot be dated except to name the time frame in which the stones worked in the more primitive manner persisted from 3000 BC to 600 BC.  


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