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Afghani pendant and vintage trade 'amber'

Kuchi pendant strung on vintage trade 'amber' and old silver chain from Afghanistan.
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  • This lovely necklace has reminded me of a problem I have over identifying a particular type of amber ( Kim, I hope you don`t mind - it`s because you  describe the beads as "amber").

    I would like a definition of what "mila" amber is exactly. Researching online one comes up with one definition of it being a very old type of amber. Is this what it seems - a trade fluff to encourage sales i.e. misrepresentation.  Or maybe it`s a type of beeswax amber, most of which is plastic ? ( I did read somewhere once that Michelangelo fashioned "amber" beads out of treated beeswax). Or maybe it`s an altogether different description of a type of real amber. Does anyone know where I can find "amber"beads with beeswax as their base? Does anyone know how to make them?

    Their is a plethora of modern pressed and heated amber for sale online, most of which I find quite unattractive. The faux amber often seems to have more character. As evidenced by the popularity of faux african amber. I like it too. I know some "amber" sometimes includes a mix of copal and phenolic resin.

    One of the tests for amber is to see if it attracts small pieces of tissue when electrolised by brisk rubbing. Are there other materials which could be made into amber beads, which have the same properties?

    I`ve just realised that this could sound as though I`m trying to make particularly good fake amber! No, I have enough of the real stuff not to want to.

    I would love to know exactly what mila amber is. Could it be an anacronym? Help needed, please!

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