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Not quite as lovely as Ingrids hand-picked seamless beads, but a still wonderful to touch and wear: high-grade silver Jimma beads (Large variety) with spacers. I found a long tarnished strand of them being described as pewter beads. Interspersed with heishis I have strung the best into this long necklace (ca. 90cm). Very heavy, almost 140 grams with the cross and ring.
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  • Beautiful. is the cross cut out of a Maria Theresa Thaler? The silver looks very soft! Congratulations. Peter

  • Thank you very much Peter. Yes the lovely cross once was a Maria Theresa Thaler. I like these crosses a lot, but they are not as rare as the beads :-). I also like their softness, very hard to photograph...

  • this is absolutely gorgeous Betty, as you say, liquid silver, it reminds me of the mercury from broken thermometers my mother let us play with as a child, it is just beautiful, I love the way that you pick up pieces from here & there & reconstruct them in such a lovely way, it is a talent to be sure, kind regards, zhanna

  • Another beauty!! PS:  Love your photographs!  Love the fragment! xx

  • Thank you everyone for your kind comments...These beads, as I learned from Ingrid recently, are perhaps Welo rather than Jimma in spite of being high-grade silver. I am always looking for Ethiopian beads - difficult to find at prices I can afford. So I am really pleased with my find :-)

    The fragment actually makes me cry - it used to be a very nice Ethiopian bowl. I bought it online and it arrived in pieces... at least I can use it for pictures...

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