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comb Uzbekistan

comb, gilt silver with inlaid turquoise with handle having horn combs. Used by royal court 19th c
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  • Hey Patti you should have one like this to take in your bag xx
  • Ha, ha, then I can lose this precious comb in about five minutes like I lose all the rest.
  • This one was rather heavy. I used this one for years and they didn't like it at the airport !  This was one of the ones I was really unhapy to give up.
  • This is VERY fine - perhaps just a trifle TOO fine, for me. Still, it is beautiful, nonetheless.
  • Joost, from what I see of your collection, you are well acquainted with extremely fine items.
  • I thought at first of the curved handle as slightly "effeminate", but am getting used to it, and finding it quite sexy without being over the top that way. I still prefer the top part. But in this instance the fact that I am judging it as a male may be a handicap.
  • this style of comb was used by both men and woman!  I think as a piece of jewelers art as a comb or anything that is not particularly worn, it is a nice change to see the work on other types of objects.


    there is a bowl like this that was offered to me recently that has the same work and was shaped like a begging bowl also from the same family.

  • If it was used by men with this handle that just shows how over-refined (in my view) that society had become! Often, in Uzbeki culture, I find there is a thin line of division between lovely delicacy and a degree of slickness or over-refinement. This one is on the margin, for me. I'd prefer it without a curved handle in any case, but the idea of a curved handle like this for a man puts me right off! For a woman, i would be OK - though still a little too curvy for me, which is why I was using words like "effeminate" and slick. However - it remains very good. Would not be my first choice.
  •  Hi I guess then the next comb posted might be more your taste! I  sold  this to a Raja who has a private collection in Indonesia he was young.  This belonged to a Sultun in Uzbekistan so i guess they had similar tastes then and now! 
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