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Berber necklaces original stringing

These necklaces collected in the Anti Atlas region of Morocco are the kinds of necklaces worn by rural ladies, their humble stringing on bits of string show they are not put together by a dealer. They have their own beautiful balance and delicacy. Coins, coral and plastic beads are combined and restrung over the course of a womans life.
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  • They are so simple beautiful - congratulations Cordelia! Peter

  • I love these humble examples of ethnic adornments. A few years ago I bought some similar necklace in Algeria, and I treasure one of them and use it very often

  • Lovely examples of simple rural necklaces. This type is one of my favorites.

  • Love these simple necklaces, Cordelia. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to wear them! They can become your friends.

  • Cordelia, did you obtain these from one dealer in one place, or from several dealers?

  • Hi Patty, I obtained these from a dealer in Ouarza, not the main one but one of the smaller dealers in those shops in the same arcade. He had a small cache of old things.
  • Hi Cordelia,
    a very, very nice collection, congratulations!
    Best regards
  • Thanks Paul, I still have the one on the top right for sale.

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