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Beauties from the Northern Horn 1

Two filigree telsum necklaces with a single Telsum and hairpin from Eritrea or Tigray - Thank you TESORI ORIENTALI for letting me have the centre necklace. The outer gilded necklace has been put together bit by bit. The cross still needs to be repaired or I might take it out and restring the necklace with the spare round telsum as a focal piece.
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  • WOW Betty, this photo & the pieces within it are superb!! it takes my breath away! what more can be said? except that I like the spacers on the longer necklace, I havent seen that type before & exactly how did Tesori Orientali 'let' you have the inner one? I know it is quite rude of me to inquire but I am rather fascinated, I have never seen such highly decorated telsum, kind regards, zhanna

  • Dear Betty, What a splendid arrangement of these beautiful pieces. Is the material for stringing the outer necklace fine wool or cotton? It looks authentic :))

  • Thank you Zhanna and Thelma. TO helped me source the inner necklace. I have (re)strung both of them myself. The inner one's amulets are all from one original necklace; the outer one I bought one by one or in twos and threes. I used black wool to string them.

  • Great display Betty of the Ethiopia/Eritrean Telsums. Glad you did find your spacers. Love the file grain decoration on the Shoa cross to refer back to the Eritrean file grain gilded telsums.  Lucky you to have been favored by Tesori Orientali with the inner chain.  Well done. Great display.  Keep them coming. Gr. Ingrid Langerak

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