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Another tower ...

... this time from Harar in Ethiopia (most likely).
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  • Dear Betty; This is a gorgeous' so well-worn ring and the photo is extraordinary! Congratulations. Peter

  • Dear Betty, you are getting good in collecting the better pieces.  Often these are of low  silver, but yours looks good. In the market this was known as a fertility ring. I saw them being worn by some women in Harrar. Well done. Gr. Ingrid.

  • Thank you Peter and Ingrid for your kind words.

    And yes, Ingrid, it's quite good silver, maybe 600/700 of 1000parts. It's very small. I can only wear it on my pinkie finger right now, and I am not sure,  if widening it a bit (1mm wider would help) wouldn't damage it.

    It's difficult to find the better pieces,  as you say. Especially with a limited budget. But I am incredibly lucky from time to time. This ring too was a steal :-)

  • Great, i love these.

    Very interesting note about the size, i had the same problems with the Sudanese, Erythrean and upper Egypt rings i purchased in Aswan, the women seems to be very petite over the region!

  • Thank you Alaa, and yes many ladies in this region are very petite.

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